Hobu is a team of four software engineers located in Iowa City, Iowa and Peterborough, New Hampshire. We have been on the forefront of open source lidar software for nearly fifteen years, and we have been building open source GIS and geospatial software for even longer. We provide open source lidar and GIS software development services, addition to contract research and development, systems design, evaluation and implementation.

Please contact us about any of the open source software for which we provide support.

We are the primary support organization for the following technologies:

  • PDAL -- Point Data Abstraction Library
  • COPC -- Cloud Optimized Point Cloud
  • Entwine -- Entwine
  • plas.io -- WebGL point cloud rendering
  • EPT Tools -- EPT tools
  • libLAS -- ASPRS LAS read/write

We are also happy to provide support for these open source software projects that we have been involved with for many years: